BTS of my biggest painting yet, part 1

Having fun in the studio making my biggest painting ever.
As I type this it's STILL sitting unfinished in my office.

This painting is beyond intimidating for me.
#1 - I've never painted anything so big.
#2 - I have a thing about not finishing projects that I can't do in one sitting. WHICH, by the way, leads to some significant back and neck pain when I realize I've been hunched in a strange position for about 4 hours and haven't had anything to drink in just as long... 🫤

BUT, I'm happy to report it's coming along and I'm going to post the second half of this video (all the way to finished) soon.

Maybe I'll do a quick tutorial about how I do my waves. I literally had to write my technique on a sticky note so I wouldn't forget it 😅😅

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