Only Love. A design to represent so much more.

I just launched a line of products featuring this flower and (on many of them) the words "Only Love." And more than any of my paintings or drawings or doodles or products - this line means something huge to me, even if it's only just a little flower. Allow me to tell you a little about the "Only Love." line and what I hope it inspires in your world.

Above is the flower side by side with the tattoo it inspired (re-imagined and completed by an amazing local tattoo artist). Yep. This flower meant so much that I tattooed it on my human self!

What does the Only Love. flower represent?

It began as a cute little thing my husband and I decided to do (ok, I kind of coerced him into it). "Why don't we do something crazy and design tattoos for each other and get them done no matter what they are?"

Talk about trust 🤪

I designed a hilarious one of a banana riding a big wheel (literally the first thing that popped into my head) but he decided to really think his through and chose my mom's favorite flower and a butterfly. She passed away when I was in my early 20s and there's forever been a lingering hole in my heart. But this isn't a symbol of sadness and loss. It's a symbol of honor and love.

I didn't get to have my mom in my life for a very long time. My brother and I like to say we didn't get quantity but we sure got quality. She taught me a lot in her life and her death. She taught me how to be imperfect and still be amazing. She taught me how to love fiercely and without prejudice. She taught me how to be strong but also to always love for the love.

To look for the good in other people.
To look for the good in every day.
To remember that even when we have our differences and don't agree with someone else's choices, they are doing the best they know how.

She taught me to approach every situation from a base of love.

Only love.

The goal of the Only Love. flower

It's my hope that this flower and it's meaning can spread like a seed on the wind.

It's my hope that everyone it touches can learn, even just a little bit, how to come from a place of only love. To have boundaries and self-protect but never stop wishing the other person well. To live as though there is hope (because there IS) that our world will heal if we remember to love.

Only love.


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