Mystical Fiction by Amy-Lynn Denham

Come with me, into worlds where the ordinary isn't quite as ordinary as it seems. Let whimsy carry you away as we dive into worlds where anything is possible.

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Short Stories

Once Upon a Portal

a Loveless Letters Short Story

Join Sandra McGinty, a small, unnoticed teenage girl, as she travels into worlds unknown and discovers something magical beyond her wildest imagination.

Jump between worlds with her as she follows Lindsay and Curtis Loveless into a fantastical setting and faces the threat of true invisibility while fighting off mystical beasts with only her wits and new friends to save her.

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Fit for a Queen

Loveless Letters Short Story #2

Snow storms, crazy cat ladies, a portal to an unfamiliar familiar world (yes, you read that right), a wheezy teenager, and a possible love connection. What could go wrong?

In this Loveless Letters short story, we take an unexpected journey that reveals a lot about each of our characters along the way. Are you ready to learn more of the Loveless family lore and go on an adventure at the same time?

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Novels + Collections

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