5 Easy Ways to Make Your House Feel Beachy

As someone who lives in a small coastal town I know just how important it is to bring that beachy vibe into your home. Even when I lived far from the ocean I worked hard to feel the peace and calm of the water as much as possible. Bring the relaxing comfort of the beach to your home in 5 easy steps.



Paint your space in beachy colours

You might be surprised what a coat of paint can do to a space!

Some people like to opt for muted (greyed out) blues and seafoamy greens with a touch of sandy tan (usually by bringing in light wood furniture).

Others like to go with a bigger punch of colour. If you're feeling a like a little pizzazz is needed, try brighter blues and a pop of coral!


Want more colour combo ideas? Check out this post on The Spruce.



Scented candles to make your home smell like the beach

Did you know that you can actually get candles that smell like a day at the beach? I'm not even joking.

Buy candles that smell like MEMORIES.



Embrace nautical elements in your beachy house

In our little oceanside town of Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, we have a string of little shops in a place called Fisherman's Cove. You know what sells the best there? Nautical decorations.

Why? Because everyone knows one of the best ways to bring the ocean home is to bring reminders of the ocean INTO your home.

Try buying a few wooden ships or a lighthouse decoration for your mantlepiece and see how that makes your home feel.


Display shells you've collected

Making your home feel more beachy doesn't mean you have to spend any money at all - or that you even have to try very hard. Remember, the beach is all about relaxing, anyway.

Next time you take a trip to the beach, gather some sand, some shells, and some rocks. Put your shells around the house on shelves as accent pieces.

Fill jars with sand and rocks and throw a shell in the top for a time-capsule of beachy memories.



Hang ocean art in your home

One of MY favourite ways to bring the beach into my home is to hang ocean art. Whether its a relaxing seascape, the soft colours of sand and water, or one of my own ocean wave pieces, you'll hardly find a corner of my home without a piece of beach art.

EXTRA TIP - Though you might be tempted to hang beach art in a bathroom (because, well, water) try putting it somewhere that you see often, even across from a chair or sofa you often sit in.

Use your beach art as a call to meditation. Sit across from it. Let yourself relax. Remember what it felt like the last time your toes were in the sand. Let go.

👉🏻 Check out seascape ocean art




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